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Polish Your Resume and Essays to Perfection

Writing is tough, and re-writing is even tougher.
Sometimes all you need is a friendly expert with insights into how stories should flow and what makes them TICK.
If you’re confident that your drafts are almost ready to submit, but want an expert to make sure they’re as strong as possible, then this “polish” service is for you!
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A Perfect Partnership for Perfect Edits!

Jon Frank

Founder, Admissionado

Maria Wich-Villa

Founder, ApplicantLab

ApplicantLab’s Founder Maria has teamed up with her Harvard Business School classmate and Admisssionado co-founder, Jon Frank, to allow ApplicantLab users access to Admissionado’s EXPERT Editors at an exclusive low price !!! Since Lab users do a lot of work on their own, their editors need to do less work, and hence the pricing can be lower!
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Admissionado's Specialists

can solve ANY editing challenge you've got.

  • “Am I telling this story in the most powerful way possible?”
  • “Is my word-choice strong? Is my grammar correct?”
  • “How can I trim down those last 10% – 15% of words to get below the word-limit?”
  • “Does my resume immediately convey my leadership potential?”
  • “My resume’s a bit over one page; what can I cut?”
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We’ve helped thousands of others & your success story is next.

What is the Process?

1. Pick the polishing package that’s best for you
  • Resume only, essays only, or both
  • NOTE: the service is a “polish“, not a “demolition and rebuilding” service:
    • Essays should be no more than ~15% over the word limit
    • Resumes should be no more than 1.25 pages (or 25% over)
      • If your materials are currently longer than that, then you have more work to do before you qualify for a “polish” !
2. After you submit payment, you’ll get instructions on how to send us:
  • Your document(s) or the date you plan to send us your stuff (this helps us prepare our team)
3. Within three US business days of sending us your drafts, you’ll receive back your awesome new versions!

Benefits of Admissionado Edits


Having helped thousands of applicants get into their dream schools, their editors have developed a knack for knowing what works — and what doesn’t. Put that experience to work for you!


Since you’ve already gone through the Lab modules (especially Mapping and Pre-Writing, Rough Drafts, and Final Drafts), your drafts will be in MUCH better shape than the average applicant’s. So Admissionado is willing to offer a special price, only for ApplicantLab users who have carefully gone through the modules first.

Admissionado Editing Packages

Give your writing IMPACT. Bundle and SAVE!

Quick Polish Edit:


Have a highly-trained Admissionado editor dig through your resume and make sure every word is perfect.


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Quick Polish Edit:

Essays (1 School)

Have a highly-trained Admissionado editor go through every word of your set of essays for one school so that your story shines through in its most powerful form.


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Quick Polish Edit:


Bundle and save! Includes Quick Polish Edit for Resume and Essays for One School.


(save $29)

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The low prices here are not available ANYWHERE else. These are ONLY for upgraded ApplicantLab users who have completed the modules FIRST.


Why are you dividing services up this way? (Sanity Checks and Strategic Reviews for content; Admissionado for editing?)

One of the biggest struggles I’ve faced in building this business is how to stay true to my mission — to create what is hands-down the BEST value for money in admissions advice. Part of that struggle has been figuring out how to scale the business.

When I train someone on my techniques, my tips, and my methods, the best use of their time is in giving high-level strategic feedback. Sure, could I ask my consultants to also provide editing? I guess I could… but then… the cost to you would be way too high! PLUS, we’d be able to help far fewer people, since we’d end up spending our whole day editing, vs. doing the higher-level stuff that we’re better at.

“If only…if only I could partner with people who are already amazing at this… that way, we could hit the ground running, join forces, and use our Wonder-Twin powers to propel ApplicantLab clients to massive success…” I sighed.

Then my own light-bulb moment happened, and it was to partner with my HBS friend Jon and his incredible team of editors, who have spent years becoming master wordsmiths.

This would allow my consultants to focus on “the big picture” feedback, yet still provide you with a cost-effective solution for editing!

Poof! Problem solved! Win – Win – Win situation all around!

What is the refund policy?

As soon as you purchase your package and let us know when you plan to send us your stuff, Admissionado’s team starts working its operational magic to schedule the best editor for the school in question ASAP.

Since they are blocking out an editor’s time and thus turning away other prospective clients, refunds are usually not possible.

However, if you request the refund very quickly, before they have assigned the task to someone on their team, then we may be able to accomodate it. Otherwise, *I* am on the hook to pay the editor!

No refunds are possible on work that has already been completed.

I'm not yet sure my career vision makes sense, or if the leadership story I chose is strong enough... is THIS something the editors help with?

…if you are worried about the CONTENT of your materials, then this isn’t the service you need yet.

The Admissionado editors are editors. They will polish, they will trim, they will massage… they will demolish and rebuild sentences that don’t make sense, and they will eliminate anything that needs eliminating.

They are editors.

And they are amazing at it.

What they are not, however, is admissions consultants. They will NOT say to you: “Hey chief, are you sure you wanna say that post-MBA, you’ll pursue that job? Because that doesn’t really seem realistic, given your previous job,” or “You know, the story you’ve chosen for your leadership essay seems a bit thin. I saw here on your resume that you also led a ten-person team to re-launch a product. Don’t you think that should be the focus of Kellogg essay #1?”

If you need THAT sort of feedback, you can:

1) Go back and re-visit the advice in Mapping and Pre-writing… or Career Vision / Why MBA? Really think about if a stranger would “buy” the plan. Re-visit the “Leadership” lesson in Brainstorming. Really ask yourself if that story you chose is the strongest example you’ve got of you living those three pillars I talk about. Re-read the pre-writing: are you answering as many of those questions as possible?

2) If you do those steps and still want someone to give feedback, then first, book a “sanity check” consultation before getting an editing package. Otherwise, you might be paying someone to edit an essay and have it gleam… but it might be telling the wrong story!

When you say an "essay" polish, is that price per ONE *ESSAY* or for multiple essays for ONE *SCHOOL*?

It’s all essay questions per SCHOOL, not per essay.

(Now you see why I’m so excited about the prices they’re offering!)

You will give us ONE Word Document with ALL of the essays for ONE school. Admissionado will make the edits directly in that document.

Note: The little text boxes in the application for things like company description, job description, etc. are not “essays” and so are not included. If they are part of the document sent, the editors will assume that you want it read for context, but they will not edit those text boxes. If client demand for this is high, then we will add it as an additional service for an increased price. Thank you!

What is the turnaround time? When will I get my document back?

While of course we’ll do our best to get you back edits ASAP, realistically, you’ll get them back within three (3) US business days of *RECEIVING* your drafts (not three days from the date of purchase).

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to go through the Lab (including the advice in the Pre-writing, Rough Draft, Final Draft, etc. modules) first, to avoid delays. I won’t send along an essay that was thrown together in a half-assed way, or one that is way over (e.g. 10% over) the word limit. That’s embarrassing for Team Lab, and violates the spirit in which this service is being offered. Put another way: we need these guys to like us, and if someone has NOT gone through the Lab modules first, then their materials will not be as strong and then Admissionado would need to charge us more, and then everything will start to fall apart!

These prices are definitely the best I've seen anywhere. My friend isn't using the Lab but wants to hire Admissionado at these prices. How do we make that happen?

We don’t make that happen.

Sorry if that’s too blunt, but it’s true.

The WHOLE REASON Admissionado is willing to do these edits at a price below their usual market rates is BECAUSE I’ve shown them the “before and after” essays and resumes sent to me from clients who have FIRST FOLLOWED THE STEPS IN THE LAB.

If someone signs up for this package, and they are 1) not a paid ApplicantLab client or 2) have NOT gone through the modules (we can check to see), then I’ll refund your money and will not send your draft along.

Sorry to sound like your mom, but it’s for everyone’s own good.

The best way for a 3-party “Win – Win – Win” situation like this to work is if all three parties are super-aligned and working together as a team. Each person doing their part.

If Admissionado starts getting terrible essays from us (because someone has not yet gone through the Lab carefully), then they’ll either raise the prices or terminate the partnership… and nobody wants that to happen! You get access to these prices because you’ve done a lot of the work yourself first!

What if I don't actually go through the Lab modules first, and I send you stuff anyway that's in rough shape?

Then we won’t send it onward. We will send it back to you, and refund your money, and we won’t allow you to book an edit again.

Sounds pretty serious, right? Well, that’s because we take our partnership seriously. We do NOT want the prices on these services to be RAISED.

And…if people try to “sneak” in super-long, super-bad, or hot mess drafts yet only pay for a “polish”, then (naturally) Admissionado would need to charge us more, so WE would have to charge YOU more, which is the exact opposite of what we want. 

What is the maximum length my documents can be?

The service is a called a “polish” — that is, something to clean up an object and make it shine.

It is NOT a complete re-construction / starting from scratch / etc.

  • Essays should be at or no more than ~15% over a given word limit
  • Resumes should be no more than 1.25 pages (that is, 25% over the typical limit)