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ApplicantLab has helped people from every industry, every background, and with every “weakness”, learn how to tell their stories in a way that is most likely to resonate with admissions officers.
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Indian Engineer – In at Wharton!

Indian Engineer – In at Wharton!

Full ride to Stanford, with a low GMAT!

Full ride to Stanford, with a low GMAT!

Applicant Lab – Helped me achieve the impossible!!!

Applicant Lab – Helped me achieve the impossible!!!

Maria saved my reapplying ___

ApplicantLab was Crucial

Help me achieve my Dream


HBS Admits, thanks to ApplicantLab!

Good advice every step of the process

Very innovative and helpful website for DIY applicants

Perfect Product For Me

First rate advice at a fraction of the price – Oxford admit

Best service out there

Best Investment Ever

3-time admit – Applicant Lab is THE BEST

You can’t beat ApplicantLab!

Super helpful for a triple admit!!! (Stanford, Harvard, and Wharton)

An excellent tool created by a wonderful person

Incredibly Helpful! Got into MIT Sloan with Full Fellowship!

Accepted into top choice MBA school (INSEAD) — with a FULL scholarship!!

Preparation for submission and interview

‘The real MVP’ of your app process !!!

Worth every penny and a truly valuable tool

APPLICANT LAB – Insightful advice with a great value for Money

IE accepted

Silver Bullet for Admissions

Full-ride at Columbia!!!

Engineer, in at HBS!

Maria is offering a great product at a fraction of the price!!!

Great Tool!!

Excellent Product… AWESOME service!

ApplicantLab is great

Accepted: Haas, Tuck, Yale, and Duke!

Demystifying the MBA Admissions

A revolution in the “admissions consultancy game”: you DON’T need to hire a consultant

Accepted Round 3 at MIT

Accepted to both Stanford GSB and Harvard Business School

Male Indian Engineer, accepted to LBS & INSEAD!

Applicantlab is great! Got me into my dream school

Wasted $10k on

Got 1 of the 10 Global Leadership Awards at Ivey!

Indian applicant, over age 30, IN at COLUMBIA

Very helpful, very strightforward!

Reapplicant, Accepted to Columbia with a Fellowship!

Accepted to my top choices! Full Scholarship to Kelley!

ApplicantLab helped me get into my dream school

Simply the Best….Period…

$100K Scholarships @ Kellogg & CBS & In at Sloan thanks to ApplicantLab

Awesome step-by-step advice for essays, visions and interviews

ApplicantLab was a total game changer for me!!

Message Board said I had zero chance: I got a full ride!

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