Editing Services

Polish Your Resume And Essays To Perfection

If you’re confident that your drafts are almost ready to submit, but want an expert to make sure they’re as strong as possible, then this editing “polish” service is for you!

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What You’ll Get

A fully marked-up document with edits to make your writing stronger, clearer, and more succinct.

Help with trimming down the last 10-15% of words to get below the word limit.

A special price, only for ApplicantLab users who have carefully gone through the modules first.




This "polish" edit will have a highly-trained editor dig through your resume and make sure every word is perfect.


$199 Per School

This "polish" edit will have a highly-trained editor go through every word of your set of essays for one school. They will trim, improve, and re-arrange copy so that your story shines through in its most powerful form.


$349 Per School

Bundle & Save! Includes a resume polish and essays for one school!

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