Every. Single. Applicant to b-school is stressed out. Trust me. Yes, even the people who pretend that they’re chillaxed about it all.

Almost 1,000 people so far have tried out ApplicantLab’s “Strengths and Weaknesses” module, where you enter in information about yourself, and which aspects of your candidacy are keeping you up at night. In return, you get a quick “snapshot” of which “first impression” you might make on an admissions committee, as well as detailed advice for how to counter-balance any “red flags” or weaknesses in your profile.

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I thought it might be useful to share some of the findings from this data set.


Maybe it will help you realize that the stuff you’re worried about? Well — there’s a chance that a lot of other people are worried about it too.

So, despite the occasional cocky posturing we see on message boards, the fact is that almost everyone is worried about something.

I’ve compiled a few of the more interesting findings into this infographic (click on the file to open it; zoom in to see the details if needed):

MBA applicants are concerned about weaknesses on their profile. This infographic tells us which issues most stress them out!

What did you think of this? Did any of it surprise you?

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