ApplicantLab “BLOG10” Promo Code Discount Code Coupon
Maria |
October 15, 2019

Well well well! Aren’t you clever, searching Google and/or my blog for a promo code!  Well, it would be uncool of me to not give you one after that effort, so here it is!


This will give you 10% off the already-low price of ApplicantLab. Kind of crazy when you realize that the Lab gives you access to everything you need to submit your strongest application possible (not just essay advice, of which there is a ton, but also resume, recommendations, and even in-depth interview guidance!) for less than the cost of 1-hour of elite admissions advice elsewhere. (What can I say? Being mission-driven makes ya do crazy things…)


  1. Click through your free trial until you get to a payments page
  2. Click on the blue text that says “Have a Promo Code?”
  3. That will open up a little open text box underneath where the credit card fields are. There will be “Promo Code” there in light-grey text
  4. Enter BLOG10 in that field
  5. Then — important!click on the blue button that says: “Apply Promo Code” — this is what activates the code.
    • If you don’t see the discount activated, the #1 reason is that someone forgot to hit “Apply Promo Code”, so please don’t skip that part
  6. The 10% off discount will now be applied, and you’re getting an even BETTER deal on what is already hands-down the best value-for-money in the elite MBA admissions industry






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ApplicantLab “BLOG10” Promo Code Discount Code Coupon
Maria |
October 15, 2019


New around here? I’m an HBS graduate and a proud member (and former Board Member) of AIGAC. I considered opening a high-end boutique admissions consulting firm, but I wanted to make high-quality admissions advice accessible to all, so I “scaled myself” by creating ApplicantLab. ApplicantLab provides the SAME advice as high-end consultants at a much more affordable price. Read our rave reviews on GMATClub, and check out our free trial (no credit card required) today!