HBS 2+2 Admit Thanks To Maria And Applicant Lab!

As a recent college graduate I was tight on money and sceptical of spending big bucks on an admission consultant. After doing some diligent research (as a college student on a budget always does) I found ApplicantLab.

The ApplicantLab modules allowed me to build not only my application, but also my unique story in steps. I first completed the career vision, and “why MBA” sections before purchasing a Sanity Check Consultation with Maria. Her feedback was honest and gave me clear direction on what areas of my profile I needed to project to admissions.

For the next month I worked through the remaining modules on ApplicantLab to form my essay. I purchased two essay reviews with an ApplicantLab Alumni (the cheapest option) before submitting my application to HBS.

Coming from a non-traditional background, and having a GMAT score (700) lower than the median, I did not expect an interview invite, but to my suprise, one morning I got the email. Without hesitation, I booked a mock interview with Maria.

As a HBS alumna, Maria knows the interview like the back of her hand. We spent 30 minutes conducting the interview before she gave valuable feedback. Not surprisingly, my real interview was near identical to my mock with Maria.

ApplicantLab is an amazing resource for aspiring MBA students. Maria possesses a bubbly and bright personality that is rare amongst the general robotic nature of admission consultants. Maria (and Carin) reply fast to any questions and are always willing to support ApplicantLab users.

I can’t wait to attend HBS, all thanks to Maria and ApplicantLab!

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