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This is not your typical admissions consulting services. If you have the will to put in the effort, Applicant Lab will help you in every way possible.

I am a second time applicant. First time, which was over 5 years ago, I had paid over $600 to had my essays written for me. In hindsight, I realized that the consultant took no interest in knowing me. What she produced was a stereotypical file of essays and SOPs, which lacked “ME”.

This time around, I was determined to not follow the rat race, but truly understand why I want to do an MBA, what motivates me, and what are my strengths/weaknesses.

After researching via GMAT Club and attending a session on Resume building from Maria through eGMAT, I bought the online Lab access.

It really helps you structure your thoughts and dig out the times when you did great at work or in personal life, but might have forgotten about it or didn’t think that experience would help in your application. The Lab helps you identify your weaknesses, and then work on it to present the best version of “YOU”.

I religiously worked with the lab and watched all of Maria’s videos over 2-3 months. I received excellent remarks on my resume. During my interview at Ross, my interviewer was very impressed with my preparation. She was happy with the thought and effort I’d put in to know the school and how it fits with my goals.

At first, I was a little scared that the whole experience of Applicant Lab will be impersonal. I thought, it will be one advice for all, and I might get stuck again with representing myself in a stereotypical way. But I was quite impressed with the depth of options offered. Maria doesn’t hand anything to you on a platter. She will present you with her thoughts, what she thinks works, and given your situation what works best – rest is up to you. If you follow the tool religiously, you’ll see how it enables you to know yourself better.

If you’re looking to be spoon-fed, then I won’t suggest using the lab. But if you want to write your own essays, and present a genuine self to the schools you’re applying to – Applicant Lab is your best bud.

By the time I completed all the modules from Lab, I knew exactly what I wanted from an MBA, why Ross and Schulich, my strengths and weaknesses, what I brought to the table – and I could talk or write about it in a precise and succinct manner.

And if you are really in doubt, and need human interaction, Maria is available at all times for help. She’d answer my emails within a day. I’d thought I will request her to do Skype interviews with me, but her interview module was so interactive that I didn’t need to.

All in all, best value for your buck. Especially if you are on a budget and believe in doing things by yourself.

Thank you Maria! Your product was not only helpful in my admission process, but also has helped me find and build my perspective and gather my thoughts – and I am finding that increasingly helpful along every step of my MBA life.

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