Go With Applicantlab! Trust me! – From a Part-Time MBA Applicant
Obstacles Overcome:

To begin this review I will start off by saying that Maria at Applicantlab is amazing and this program helped me so much! If you take anything away from this review, let it be that.

I applied to the following schools for their part-time programs and received acceptance into each one: University of Michigan (Ross), UCLA (Anderson), USC (Marshall), and IU (Kelley).

Once I was finished with my GMAT, I had absolutely no idea how to write my essays or resume for business school. I probably would have just used my work resume and I don’t think being proficient in Microsoft Word would have impressed any of the schools.

I considered getting an MBA consultant because I was so lost but this program was perfect. I loved how easy it was to use and how each school had its own advice. I never in a million years would have known how to answer the Ross essays (I mean 100 words max – that’s tough enough let alone knowing what they actually wanted you to answer)

Here is how it works. Applicantlab has a set of videos that give specific advice on how to approach your essays and resume. These videos are incredibly informative and let you know what from your work/life history you need to pull to complete your essays and resume. After watching these videos, you answer some questions and the answers to those questions will be used to help organize your thoughts.

There is a section of Applicantlab where you input which universities you are applying to. Applicantlab will then give you videos to watch on each of the school’s essays. Maria has done the work and talked to the Ad-Coms to learn what they are looking for. This type of advice alone is worth the money. Trust me!!

This type of program requires the user to do most of the work. I had plenty of questions during my applications and would return to Applicantlab all of the time. There is a chat function where if someone is available you can ask your question right then and there. If someone isn’t available, the chat function will send an email and you will hear back fairly quickly.

I for sure, would not have gotten into some of the schools I did had it not been for Applicantlab. If you are lost and don’t know how to move forward in the MBA application process then Applicantlab is for you. Plus it is easily the most cost-effective admissions advice out there.

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