ApplicantLab is the BEST resource out there, even for deferred applications!
Admitted to: Chicago Booth | Wharton
Obstacles Overcome: Deferred Applicant

I got into Wharton and Chicago Booth as a deferred applicant, and I owe all the success to Maria and ApplicantLab!!
As a deferred applicant, I was very skeptical about using ApplicantLab, because I felt that most of the advice was for traditional applicants with work experience, and I wasn’t sure how without any personal interaction I’d be able to craft a compelling story. I did my research and talked to over 10 admissions consultants through the free consultations, but as a deferred applicant with no savings of my own, I couldn’t get myself to spend thousands of dollars, and after reading numerous amazing reviews, I decided to go ahead with ApplicantLab. I was proven so wrong about my apprehensions from the first day I started to use the lab.
This is what I absolutely loved about ApplicantLab, and why I feel EVERYONE needs to stop using traditional consultants and switch to ApplicantLab:
1) The lab took me through a step by step process, starting from identifying my strengths and weaknesses, to very specific advice for all parts of the application. The videos and the advice was so thorough that I didn’t need to look anywhere else. The lab helped me with the exact structure of the essays, resume, and other short questions in the application.
2) Maria and Carin are available at all times, and every time I’d send them any doubts through the chat feature on the ApplicantLab, they’d get back to me with to the point answers. I could see from her responses that Maria was super interested in my story and wanted me to succeed.
3) The interview module is OUT OF THIS WORLD, and the approach ApplicantLab has for all the specific interview questions is going to help me all my life!!
4) I also used the additional services, including sanity check (career vision and resume review) and essay review. If not for these services, I would’ve made a couple of huge blunders in my applications! But, that being said, if you’re diligently following the advice on the lab, you won’t even need these services and the lab should be enough. But, it really helped me in turning a good resume/essay into a great one.
Maria has done a fantastic job with ApplicantLab, and where consultants would’ve charged me over 5000$ for my applications, I got in with spending just 269$. Don’t think twice, go with ApplicantLab!

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