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Our Success Stories

We help applicants of all backgrounds get into top-tier MBA Schools.

Great turnaround story with ApplicantLab!

“I got into Tuck and some other schools this year with ApplicantLab, but my traditional consultant last year told me not to even bother applying there. She felt that I did not stand a chance at all at Tuck and actually refused to work with me on that application. This should tell you enough.

I could probably go on and on about ApplicantLab, but the best way to see if its right for you is to sign up... Buying it is a no-brainer if you want world-class admission help without the heavy price tag.” Read the full review on GMAT Club

Kailash S.

Tuck | Class of 2021

Accepted to: Darden, Tuck

Can't recommend enough!

“Coming from a background where MBAs are rarer, I went into the whole MBA process pretty blind, and I am certain I wouldn't have been able to put my best foot forward without the essay, resume, and interview tips that Maria laid out. 

ApplicantLab was intuitive, easy to navigate, and provided the key info that I needed in a tailored format for each school - amazing!” Read the full review on GMAT Club

Ken H.

Wharton | Class of 2020

Accepted to: Wharton, Kellogg, Yale

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Silver Bullet for Admissions

“Working 60+ hour weeks, two non-profits, and a side business, I needed admissions help that could operate with my schedule but still quench my thirst for details and specifics.

ApplicantLab was the perfect solution for me.

It contains amazingly detailed videos of not only what to do, but why you do it, which is really the secret sauce of admissions! The online tool walked me through the entire process of building up my MBA profile, and made sure that I thought through all of the important introspective questions that are necessary at putting together solid essays.

Ultimately, I got into my top choice!” Read the full review on GMAT Club

Grant S. 

UCLA Anderson | Class of 2020

Even 10x as expensive, it would still be great value for money

“ApplicantLab is an amazing tool to make sure you tick all the boxes of your application.

The amount of material and guidance is pretty breathtaking considering the reasonable price tag.
As a note of caution; ApplicantLab does not do the work for you. To fully utilize the potential AL offers, you do have to put in quite some time, however, the investment will certainly be worth it.” Read the full review on GMAT Club

Chris S. 

MIT Sloan | Class of 2021

Accepted to: MIT Sloan, Cambridge Judge

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Maria saved my reapplying a$%

“The thing with big consulting firms is that it can always be a hit or a miss. You might get an incredible consultant who really likes your story and wants to help you more strategically, or, like mine, your experience could be vanilla… Anyway, I was not super happy and was looking for a better experience.

[ApplicantLab] saved my 2016-all-dings-butt this year… Could I be more resounding in narrating my experience with ApplicantLab? Probably not. But it is worth the praise it receives.” Read the full review on GMAT Club

Souvik B.

Michigan Ross | Class of 2020

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Helped me achieve my Dream

“I got awestruck when I saw Maria's advice on how to build a resume for MBA school…all the qualities of a bad resume were there in my old resume… [it] made me realize that some of the "big" consultant companies are using their big names to get the business but are hiring low quality consultants to provide services. 

I ended up spending less than what I spent last year [on a traditional consultant] and got admitted to 3 schools with huge $$$s.” Read the full review on GMAT Club

Abhishek M.

Emory Goizueta | Class of 2020