ApplicantLab has helped students from every industry, every background, and with every “weakness” learn how to tell their stories in a way that resonates with admissions officers… all for thousands of dollars less than traditional MBA admissions consulting! The Lab costs a lot less, but it truly works – see some of our 3rd-party verified success stories:

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Best investment ever

When I signed up for ApplicantLab I thought that I was buying material for application to B-schools but what I got was much-much more. The guidance was EXHAUSTIVE to being with - the team had thought through all possible scenarios an applicant could have and...

Excellent Product… AWESOME service!

I had the most amazing learning experience from ApplicantLab. The idea to curate your essays and recommendations from well thought out story ideas, which finally YOU can stitch together is invaluable! Nothing gets the adcom notice you more than a story which has...