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MBA Profile Review: 2 years of experience; tax IT; 720; Purdue comp sci

By September 26, 2018 No Comments

GMATClub user Akanksha26 reached out requesting an MBA profile review with the following basic info:

  • Two years of experience
    • Wasn’t clear to me if applying this year or next year? I originally guessed next year given the young age, but now I’m not so sure?
  • 720 GMAT (after other two other attempts yielding 640 and 660)
  • Purdue undergrad in computer engineering
  • Works for the Georgia Department of Revenue, which I’m guessing is the state tax authority
  • …as a “consultant”, presumably an IT / computer consultant?
  • Questions around re-taking GMAT, applying this year, waiting a few more years…
  • …as well as what could be done to make the profile more appealing for a Top Ten program

My thoughts in the video below!