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MBA Profile Review: 2 Years of Experience, Tax IT, 720 GMAT, Purdue CS

By September 26, 2018 August 8th, 2020 No Comments

GMATClub user Akanksha26 reached out requesting an MBA profile review with the following basic info:

  • Two years of experience
    • Wasn’t clear to me if applying this year or next year? I originally guessed next year given the young age, but now I’m not so sure?
  • 720 GMAT (after other two other attempts yielding 640 and 660)
  • Purdue undergrad in computer engineering
  • Works for the Georgia Department of Revenue, which I’m guessing is the state tax authority
  • …as a “consultant”, presumably an IT / computer consultant?
  • Questions around re-taking GMAT, applying this year, waiting a few more years…
  • …as well as what could be done to make the profile more appealing for a Top Ten program

My thoughts in the video below!