I just started my MBA program at IE, and I want to share how good the service Maria provides before my super busy weeks start. Before I purchased her service, I actually researched a lot. I saw so many reviews but the only concern that I had was “IE”. As you may know, IE’s admission process is kind of strange. You have to create a video and a slide and an essay answering the questions provided by IE. But eventually the reasonable price made me purchase her service, and it turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever bought.

The well automated algorithm she created is indeed perfect(I told my company’s HR to mimic her brainstorming algorithm to improve employees’ proficiency). I was skeptical about how it works before I started using her service, but she embedded her own video explaining everything in every section so that I didn’t have any questions in each sections. What amazed me the most was she also put her video specifically for IE. There were more than 10 questions that IE asks you to write about(you need to choose 3 of them) and she covered everything in the video. She waled me through which question I should answer and shouldn’t and why. In addition to that she wrote how to make slides(websites and tools) and how to make videos by quoting her own experience. I actually only applied for IE so I don’t know if there is any other specific advice for other schools but probably she has videos on the website. Prior to using her service, I created some videos but I recreated all of them to follow her advice.

She also posts so many videos about how to prepare for an interview and I prepared everything according to her advice. Surprisingly an interviewer asked me 80-90% from the questions that she made me prepare.

Also my interviewer told me that all of people in the admission office gathered at one place to watch my video because it was really good! Furthermore I got scholarship that can easily cover the cost that I paid for her service.

I read this kind of post before I purchase the consulting service but I thought her friends wrote all of them and that made me doubt the quality of her service. If there is somebody like me, I can assure that she will make you get in any school that you want to get in.