$100K Scholarships @ Kellogg & CBS & In at Sloan thanks to ApplicantLab
School: Kellogg | Sloan

The ApplicantLab tool was the most helpful resource I used when planning and writing my MBA applications. I ended up applying to 6 schools and got into Kellogg & Columbia with $100K scholarships and was also accepted at Sloan and waitlisted at Wharton. The ApplicantLab online tool has so much great advice and information all in one place which really helps you get your story across throughout the entire application without wasting space by repeating information and making sure you cover all your bases. The tool goes through each part of the school’s specific application and gives advice on what to include there as well as what that school specifically looks for. The tool has videos where Maria walks through examples of how she might craft her answers if she was applying again and then also has written information as well for each question and section. The tool also helps you go from the brainstorming phase of the application to writing and then proofing before you submit. I wouldn’t have been able to apply to so many schools without the ApplicantLab tool and definitely credit ApplicantLab for my success in sharing my story with the schools I applied to! I highly recommend ApplicantLab for anyone going through the process and the tool is much cheaper and a way better value than a full time consultant, particularly if you are applying to multiple schools.

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