HBS Mock Interview with Maria
1 hr 30 min | $699

The HBS interview is unlike any other school’s – your interviewer will have reviewed your entire application in depth and will probe deep into your experience with their questions.

Maria will do the same in your mock interview with her.  The significant amount of extra prep time required for these is why these mock interviews are more expensive than those for other schools.

*Note: due to constraints with homeschooling, etc., my “official” calendar may not show availability but I do often have flexibility if I coordinate with my husband in advance so if no available time works for you, email us at [email protected] and I can try to find a time that works! 


Cancellation/Reschedule Policy
Bookings are non-refundable.  Sessions may be rescheduled up to 72 hours in advance (you will receive instructions on how to do so in your confirmation email).

And yes, you can only book a maximum of 60 days in advance – future availability will open up as time passes!