Mock Interviews

1-on-1 Interview Practice!!

Practice responding to interview questions in a live setting and get feedback to make sure you’re on the right track and as prepared as possible.
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What is the Process?

  1. Book and schedule your session via the links below.
  2. Send us your resume (full app if doing a non-blind interview) and any specific questions you’d like to practice. Instructions will be included in your confirmation email.
  3. At your session time, you’ll meet with your Interviewer via Google Meet/Zoom and spend 30-35 minutes on mock questions. We’ll go all the way through without breaking (just like a real interview), and will be taking notes the whole time.
  4. We’ll then spend 40-50 minutes giving you feedback (live!) based on the aforementioned notes.
  5. We’ll be recording everything – you’ll get one video of the interview and a second of the feedback session.
  6. After your session (note that it can take a few hours to process the videos), you’ll get:
    • Links to view your videos so that you can re-watch them as much as you want.
    • The approximate timing in each video when each question was addressed so that you can easily skip around to the questions/feedback you most want to review.

Booking Options

Use the links below to check availability and book your session with who you’d like to do your mock interview with.

Note that currently Maria only does HBS Mock Interviews (and only Maria does HBS Mock Interviews).  Should you wish to do a mock for another school, please book with our Alumni or Carin!

Alumni Reviewers

Past Lab Users!

We established our Alumni Reviewer program to give you the option for high-quality feedback at a reasonable price.

All are past ApplicantLab users and graduates of T15 MBA programs.

Mock Interview with Lab Alumni: $349

(any school EXCEPT HBS)

Check Availability and Book


Senior Admissions Consultant

Carin joined ApplicantLab in 2018 and has reviewed hundreds of applications in her time as an Admissions Consultant.

Chicago Booth MBA, 2008
Northwestern BS, 2003

Mock Interview with Carin: $499

(any school EXCEPT HBS)

Check Availability and Book


ApplicantLab Founder

Maria has 15 years of admissions experience and is a co-host on Poets & Quants' weekly podcast.

Harvard MBA, 2005
Princeton BSE, 1998

HBS Mock Interview with Maria: $699


Check Availability and Book


What is the difference between a "blind" and a "non-blind" interview?

A “blind” interview is done only off of the resume – your interviewer does not have your full application. Interviews at most schools are “blind.”

In a “non-blind” interview, your interviewer has your full application. HBS and MIT are two schools that do “non-blind” interviews.

When will I receive my feedback?

You’ll receive feedback on your interview DURING your booked session. Immediately after finishing the mock interview, we’ll review our feedback with you. You’ll receive links to your video files of both the interview itself and also the feedback session usually within about 4 – 6 hours after the scheduled window but at the very latest within 24 hours.

We advise you to book your session ASAP… In previous years, the 2-5 days prior to the big deadlines has filled up weeks in advance.

Why are the mock interviews so expensive??

Doing mock interviews takes up an ENORMOUS amount of mental energy (listening + writing + analyzing + thinking of improvements all at once). We also have to spend additional time outside of the time we spend talking with you to prepare (both before to review your resume and after to prepare the videos and time notes).

Non-blind interviews require significantly more prep time and thus are more expensive.

What happens if I purchase a mock-interview and you are fully booked?

Aha! One nice thing about the system being used here is that it will not let you book a time-slot unless it’s available!

This should be a strong motivator to AVOID PROCRASTINATION. Unfortunately, we can not be held responsible if you leave things until the last minute and then discover that the time slots are all booked. So sign up and book your mock interview ASAP!

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Effective September 10th, 2020, NEW bookings are non-refundable

Reschedules are possible up to 72 hours prior to your scheduled “time” at My Bookings

Check your email for an email from [email protected] with the subject line “ApplicantLab Bookings – Log-on info (to view/reschedule appointments)” for your log-on info. It occasionally goes to spam! 

If you do not have this or are having trouble rescheduling, contact us at [email protected] with your booking number.


Help!! I want to book a mock interview but can't find a time that works for me!! What are my options?

I don’t want to say “we told you you should book early” but, well, we did. Just like you, we have busy schedules and there are only so many hours in the day!

That being said, if you’re looking a few weeks out and can’t find anything that works (on account of time zones, work schedules, etc), drop us a note at [email protected] and we’ll see if we can make something work for you.